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Patricia Aroksaar

Patricia Aroksaar

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03/28/23 11:36 PM #1    

Harvey Gold

Pat was taken far too early.

03/29/23 09:35 AM #2    

Mitchell Kaplan

Lost a good friend that day.  First case of bullying in my opinion. We would talk but had no idea how much depression she was going through.  Felt she was worthless.

The tree next to her grave has grown tremendously over the years but I will never forget Patricia.

RIP my friend.

03/30/23 08:57 AM #3    

Maria Hartman (Ferry)

I remember being very shocked and very upset when we, the world, lost Patricia. She was a truly lovely person who, like the rest of us, was muddeling through growing pains. I knew she was hurt by very unkind things that were said to her, about her and had seen her being bullied. I thought we all were experiencing that and had to just deal...ending everything permanantly never entered my mind. I remember crying for Patricia and being very angry at her bullies...funny how you never forget and always view people in a certain way based on what they present to you. Patricia will always be remembered as a very sweet and smart girl who made a loyal friend and could make you laugh in spite of her inner pain.

03/30/23 11:21 AM #4    

Paul Benn

Pat was in my home room. While I tried to know everyone, I was not aware of the extent of her suffering. We just said hello, never talked at a deeper level. Never saw the bullying. That said, I went to her funeral and burial. My mother attended to her as a nurse and shared with me that there was nothing medically that could save her. She suffered. That tragic event has stayed with me. I visited the cemetery a few months ago and had her in my prayers. I am glad to see others here have remembered her. May she rest in peace.

03/30/23 05:16 PM #5    

Sali Schoenfeld (Levine)

It's nice to see people remembering 'Patsy' as I knew her. I didn't know her well but I have a very vivid memory of her from maybe 6th grade. We had a kind of show and tell afternoon and Patsy got up and did a dance. She danced around to music w a scarf flying. That took a lot of guts but I think she may have been embarrassed after when she retreated to her seat red faced. No one really said anything I can remember but thinking that there was more to her beneath the surface. I also remember hearing of her passing and though sad of course, not surprised. She had a special spirit and felt things very deeply. Sad to know she was bullied. I, too, was bullied around that time by someone who was left back and much bigger than me, it was frightening. I told my mother who chaperoned a class trip w us. Idk what she said or did but that person never bothered me again.
RIP Patsy 🥀 you're in a better place.

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