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09/06/09 12:03 PM #1    

Harvey Gold

Welcome to the Lakewood High School Class Of 1970 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/17/09 09:10 PM #2    

Jan Taler

Harvey it had to be Joe Schulman who gave your name :)

09/22/09 05:41 AM #3    


Kirk Johnson

Harvey, thanks-a-million to you and the Reunion Committee for taking lead on getting up and running... Very nicely done, and you've only just begun... KEJ

09/22/09 09:35 PM #4    

Beth Lane


Have to agree with Kirk Johnson about the site. Looks great

02/15/10 01:43 PM #5    

Margaret Reilly

A while back a committee member told me that they're would be a link to pay the deposit on line (or somehow by credit card). I haven't seen it and I'd like to pay both so you'd have the $$ for the venue and for a head count. I guess this posting is for Harvey or Debbie. Anyway, if there isn't going to be this type of arrangement for payment, can you post Kathy Weaton's address so I can send it by snail mail?

03/24/10 11:16 AM #6    

William VanOllefen

Thanks Harvey for the site and the rest working on the reunion.

Been a wanderer for a number of years living all over the US, Europe and Asia so lost touch with everyone.

Anyone have info on the classmembers we've lost? Kind of shocking to find friends in the memorium section.

Hope to see you all in October


10/07/10 08:40 PM #7    

Francine Axelrad (Rosenberg)

This is a really cool site.  It's been fun catching up on everyone's bios and some current pix.  Ctte, thanks for running with the ball and making sure we didn't miss our 40th year reunion.  It can't be that long ago--  are we that old?  Harvey, awesome job! Looking forward to seeing everyone. Frann

07/09/14 01:30 AM #8    

Leslie Royle (Eaton)

Hello everyone !!'s almost 5 years since our last reunion. There are still so many of our classmates who have not joined this site yet....maybe you could help out the next reunion comittie by asking anyone from our class who you are in contact with to join the site or contact the comittie or even just contact me at and i will be glad to take mailing or contact information so all of our missing classmates can be found and updated with the next reunions information  . I will be sure to get that info to the comittie when it forms. I can also be contacted by my home # 732-987-9990 if that helps for those of us who are not using computers.I am looking forward to hearing from you ! till then, have a great summer , Leslie Royle Eaton

07/09/14 12:12 PM #9    

Joseph Schulman

Leslie and All Other Reunion Committee Members, Including Stan Herbert, Joel Monesson, Jan Taler, Jim Givens, Kathy Shearman, Debbie Resch, Beverly Matthews Pratt and anyone else who cares to attend, we have scheduled our 2nd LHS Class of 1070 45th Reunion Meeting for July 14th at 6pm at Charlie Browns Restaurant on Rt. 70 in Lakewood.  We have reservations so PLEASE plan to attend and you will be pleasantly surprised plus you will get a great meal, a vacation voucher for 3 days and two nights and a warm and fuzzy feeling....oh wait, that might be indigestion.

Anyway, hope to see everyone there! 

Joe Schulman

Chairman of Everything  :)

07/11/14 10:08 AM #10    

Steven Cohen

I should be back from Carolina the first week of August. I will definitely be at the next meeting if you still need any help.

       steve cohen

10/31/15 09:31 AM #11    

Francine Axelrad (Rosenberg)

Great Reunion!  So nice to see everyone. You all looked great, relaxed, and some of the memories made me feel like it was yesterday.  Where did the years go? Glad to see my classmates happy and healthy.

Harvey, thanks for all your hard work in setting up the site.  LOVED THE BAND!  EDDIE, THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! Committee members, thanks for your perseverance. Diana and Harvey, thanks for taking the photos.  

Hope that everyone has lots of laughs, good health, good luck, and good memories in the next 5 years.  Hope to see all of you (and those who couldn't make this reunion) at our 50th!     Frann Axelrad

10/24/21 11:51 PM #12    

Phil Levy

Hello 1970 LHS classmates! I just want to let you all know why Reina & I will be absent at this reunion, even though we still live in Ocean County, NJ. And we haven't missed one yet! Anyway, November 6 just happens to be my 70th birthday (even though it's never posted on our site). Dam, we must be getting old! Reina and I will be celebrating with family in both Boston and in Florida where we now have a second beautiful Granddaughter! So you can wish me a Happy Birthday and a mazeltov on November 6! And I would like to wish you all the very best of health and happiness! Enjoy the ride guys while we still can cause we ain't gettin any younger! Have fun at the reunion! Phil

10/25/21 11:23 AM #13    

Francine Axelrad (Rosenberg)

Hi Phil,

So happy birthday and Mazel Tov!  We will miss you and your lovely Reina! I had heard that you weren't coming this time to the reunion, and the reason why, and was disapppointed not to see that beautiful smile and catch up with the two of you but am glad to hear about happy things and celebrations! As my parents always said, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! I still think of you and your family with that really cool Log Cabin and us continuing to act as kids - life was good back then!  Hard to believe we have become parents and grandparents! (At least I will speak for myself!) I go with the adage that 70 is the new 55? I'll even take 60! SO CELEBRATE, ENJOY, AND REGARDS TO YOUR FAMILY! We will toast you at the reunion!  Frann Axelrad

10/25/21 12:00 PM #14    

Jan Taler

Hey Phil,

Happy birthday in advance!

Enjoy, grandkids are the best!



10/25/21 12:31 PM #15    

Howard Sterling

Hi Phil!  Happy Birthday!  Sorry we won't be able to see you, but have a special celebration!  I'll be joining you in that '70s club right around the corner!


10/25/21 01:47 PM #16    

Donald Vandenberge

Happy Birthday Phil!

Like Howard said I'll be joining you inthe 70's club in another month.

 I also have a family obligation that weekend and will miss the reunion.I'll miss seeing everyone! I was all signed up for it last year when covid hit and changed everyones plans.

Don Vandenberge

10/25/21 05:32 PM #17    

Linda Zeichner (Mattaliano)

happiest of birthdays phil. enjoy your family!!

linda mattaliano

10/25/21 07:02 PM #18    

William VanOllefen

Happy Birthday Phill.  Mazeo Tov on the new grandchild and the big 70.  Be well and enjoy the day.  -Bill Van Ollefen

10/26/21 11:31 AM #19    

Dona Blondell (Farnbauch)

Happy Birthday Phil! Enjoy your family time!

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